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The Campout Cookbook by Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson

4/5 stars


I live close to the beach and one of my families’ favorite things to do is go to the beach late in the day, make a fire and have dinner and stay until late in the evening.  We normally roast hot dogs over the fire (veggie hot dogs for my younger daughter and I), eat chips and make s’mores later.  When I saw this book, I was excited to get some other recipes and not just rely on hot dogs every time we do this.  Because, you know, hot dogs…

I appreciate the forager’s guide to pernicious plants, even though I would be using this book more on the beach than in the woods, I still thought it was a really cool addition to the book.

I wish there were more recipes that you did not have to prepare at home, but there were several fish recipes that could be prepared completely on site around the fire and since we would be at the beach and I do eat fish, I was pretty stoked for those!

I thought the campfire cookery toolkit was a GREAT idea and my husband was so excited by it that he has already started putting one together.

Excellent takes on the traditional s’mores recipes that we are excited to try!  Also, a recipe for homemade marshmallows — if you have never made marshmallows, they are freaking killer and well worth the effort to make them!

My husband appreciated the thermos cocktail recipes.

I thought the drawings were really cute and overall this was an interesting book.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Artisan books for my copy in exchange for my honest review.



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What Happened That Night by Sandra Block


I was very fortunate to get this book from Netgalley and Sourcebooks Landmark in exchange for my honest review.


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White Lies by Lucy Dawson

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4/5 stars

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? A wild ride of a book!

Alexandra Inglis is a very likable, flawed character. She is a family doctor. Weeks before her planned girls trip to Ibiza, her husband confesses to a one-night stand with a colleague. One drunken night on the Ibiza trip with her girlfriends, she makes a mistake and has what she thinks is a one night stand. Only the guy she slept with turns out to be someone who lives in her community and he wants more from her.

The characters are well-developed, the plot is tight, the writing style kept me riveted. The writing was simple and flowed, making the book easy to read quickly to find out what the heck was going on. I enjoyed this book and I recommend it. It was like Caroline Kepnes “You” meets Fatal Attraction, but even more intense.