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Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

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5/5 stars

Excellent. This is the kind of book that makes you think about your own life, hug your children closer, tell your husband you really love him. This book makes you appreciate the little things in life.

Richard is a renowned classical pianist who gets ALS, his muscles atrophy. He can no longer play piano, hold a book, walk. His ex-wife ends up helping him and they work through their issues. I learned a lot about ALS, what the disease is and how it affects people. The biggest thing this book did was make me think about the people in my life, the relationships I take for granted. It made me appreciate the people I am close to and I told them how I felt. We can’t do enough if that. It’s so important.

Several years ago, I stumbled across Lisa Genova’s novel Love, Anthony at a library conference.  One of the other librarians there told me she had ordered it because it was about autism, but it was not yet getting a lot of buzz.  I read it and shared with several friends and family members who have kids on the spectrum and we all thought it was wonderful!  Lisa Genova is a neuroscientist who uses her understanding of the brain and how it functions to help readers understand neurological conditions that they may not have any experience with.  I really did not know much about ALS, other than that my local supermarket collects for the Joan Dancy Foundation–and I know Joan Dancy had ALS.  I really did not understand what it was or how it affected people who had it.  I had never heard the term locked in.  I had never thought of the realities of some of the things that people with this disease face.