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The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book by Nadine Horn + Jorg Mayer

5/5 stars


I hope that those of you who follow me because we share a love of fiction will not mind if I review some vegan/vegetarian books and some yoga books.

I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and lately, more and more I am finding that I don’t want to eat dairy or eggs.  I know that part of this is that being a vegetarian has changed so much in the last ten years.  More and more people are eating healthier, organic and plant based – it’s no longer just for crunchy hippie types.  There are tons of blogs and cookbooks for plant based dishes and the innovation has been amazing!  Thirty years ago, at 16, I lived on vegetarian chili, pasta, salads and peanut butter sandwiches.  Now there are so many amazing and delicious recipes and more and more I am finding that I don’t want to eat dairy and eggs because there is just no reason to and I feel better when I don’t.

I will say that I don’t judge other people for eating meat or dairy or eggs.  I think we all need to do what makes us feel our best and I think often there is a learning curve with that.  I will also say that although I do follow a plant-based lifestyle, I don’t follow it blindly, I do my own research and I do what makes sense for me and for my family.

There are so many different ways to eat – paleo, vegan, raw food, Mediterranean – and they all claim to be the healthiest for you.  How are you supposed to know what is really the best way to eat?  Everyone agrees that more plants and less meat; more whole foods and less processed foods are healthy so start there.  Then listen to your body.  Moderation is key.  Drink plenty of water.  Move around more.  Anything that seems extreme is probably not the best idea.

I am so happy to be part of the book review community and when I signed up for Netgalley, I never thought about the possibility of reviewing vegan and vegetarian books or yoga books, but those are things that I am passionate about, too and so I hope you will bear with me.

My Review:

Out of all of the vegan books I have reviewed, this is by far my favorite!

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book is JAM-PACKED with a TON of recipes.  There is everything from your smoothies and juices to superb lattes and specialty tea recipes to muffins and breakfast burgers to different porridge and muesli recipes to tofu scrambles and vegan pancakes and donuts.  There are even recipes for making your own nut milks and breakfast “meats”.

There is a page in the beginning that explains which nuts, seeds and berries contain which nutrients.  I am not sure if all vegan/vegetarians do this, but I think I actually think more about food and what I put in my body and what kinds of nourishment I need, so I found it really helpful to have all of this in one place.

So far, I have tried the Banana Coffee and OMG!  It was sooo good and rich and thick and delicious – my carnivorous husband said to make him a gallon of that!  I made the Cardamom Latte but it was my first time frothing nut milk (I actually borrowed a frother just to try it and I think I am going to buy a frother so I can make more lattes!) and I don’t think I frothed it enough, because it didn’t separate like in the photo in the book, but it did taste really good.

I’ve also made the Pear-Oat Smoothie, which they subtitle Liquid Muesli and it was BOMB!  So delicious and filling!  My daughter made the Raw Cheesecake Tartlets and they were delicious, too!  We are in the process of choosing some recipes to make for Sunday brunch and I will let you all know how that goes on my Instagram!!

I would like to thank Netgalley and Experiment Publishing for my advance copy of The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book.