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Crystals: Your Personal Guide by Bernice Cockram

4/5 stars


When I was in college, I bought rose quartz earrings at a craft show because the woman from whom I bought them, who sold crystals, said they could help bring love into my life.  I met my husband a couple of weeks later.

When my daughter was in school, she had trouble concentrating and became nervous on tests.  I went to a jewelry making class with friends and made her a necklace of green adventuring, fluorite and clear quartz, which she wore to school and it did seem to help.

I believe that crystals do have a vibration or frequency and are connected to the earth, just as we all are.

This book doesn’t get bogged down with lengthy geologic discussions as soon crystal books do and although it does have a section that groups crystals by color, it is not an identification guide.  Rather this book explains how to use crystals to your best benefit, how to properly care for crystals, how to create nets and dowse using crystals.  I think this is a great book for anyone interested in crystals – whether they are new to crystals or have been using them for some time.  Crystals are a powerful energy source and can be very helpful in healing and grounding, but there is so much more than just looking up what crystal will help with what ailment, going to the store and purchasing a piece of jewelry with that crystal and this book explains how to best utilize the properties of crystals to get the most out of the benefits they offer.

I am so thankful to Netgalley and Wellfleet for granting my wish to be able to view and read this very informative book.