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The Banker’s Wife by Christina Alger

4/5 starsIMG_1714

Strong female characters, high profile crimes, fast paced thriller

Annabel Lerner is devastated when she finds out that her husband Matthew, an employee of Swiss United, has been killed in a plane crash. As she works through her grief, some things come up and Annabel becomes convinced that powerful people in the financial world wanted him dead.

Marina Tourneau, a journalist, is engaged to marry Grant. Grant is from a wealthy, well-connect family and his father is running for President.  When Marina’s friend, Duncan, is found dead, Marina takes over his story about Swiss United.  She uncovers shocking evidence that some of the most powerful and prominent people in the world could be up to some pretty bad things. Publishing the “story of a lifetime” would be very risky.

The book switches back and forth between Annabel and Marina, both of characters were well developed and reliable.  I have not read many books about the financial world and I was not sure that I would like this one, but I did find it interesting and I was not bored.  The premise – the financial world – is different from other thrillers and I appreciated that.

I would recommend this book to anyone who liked The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian.

I want to thank Putnam Books for my free copy in exchange for my honest review.