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Life Update

I have not done a life update in a while and I thought I would.

I spent years being worried about my girls growing up. I always dreamed of being a mother, of having babies. I never really considered them growing up. I had so much fun with my girls. I loved rocking my babies. I loved playing with them and taking them to the park when they were toddlers. I always enjoyed reading to them. I enjoyed cooking and baking with them. I felt like I had found the Holy Grail of more time with them when we started homeschooling. I loved spending days and days with them learning new things and exploring. The idea of all of that changing really scared me.

But now, here we are, they are no longer babies. They are both taking classes at community college. Allie is applying to four year schools. She wants to stay local and live at home. She has always had her own room and the idea of having a roommate is not appealing to her at all. She plan to major in Communications and there are many colleges near us that offer wonderful Communications programs. We are waiting to see where she gets in and where she decides to go.

Although both girls have been attending community college for two years now, Piper was not attending full time as she was technically still in high school (she is a high school senior currently). Piper still has another semester or two at community college. She is also thinking about majoring in Communications as it encompasses a lot of the things that she is interested in.

Both girls have jobs. One girl has a boyfriend. They are both going to Europe with their college this year. We have been going through a lot of adjustments and changes and you know what? Now that it is here. It’s wonderful. I love seeing the things my girls are doing and hearing what they are up to. It’s fun to see where their futures will take them. I am nervous about them traveling abroad without me, but I think they are ready for the adventure.

Jason and I have more time to pursue things we want to do. We go hiking and visit breweries and vegan restaurants. We go to the city where he scours record stores to add to his collection and I scour bookstores. We went to Nashville last fall for a week by ourselves and had a blast. This year we are looking forward to several long weekend trips and considering a bigger trip as well. We are no longer running to kids to activities, which gives us time to spend weekends in our pajamas reading or making elaborate meals. Our house is to our liking and after years of looking for a house with more land, we have decided to stay here (the new Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods has nothing to do with that šŸ˜‰ !) until we know where the girls will land and then we are planning to move out of this high tax state to someplace within an hour or so of the girls.


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