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Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren

Would you forgive someone for doing the wrong thing for the right reasons?  Is it ok to do something bad if your reasons are good?

That is what Tate and Sam must confront in Twice in a Blue Moon.  They had met as teens in London when they were both on vacation with their grandparents.  Tate had confided in Sam and he had betrayed her confidence and her life was irrevocably changed.  Years later they meet again and the chemistry is still there, just as strong and Sam explains to Tate why he did what he did.  He hurt her badly, but he did it for a noble reason.  

Rating: 3.5 stars

I liked the moral dilemma and the second chance romance.  I felt the chemistry between Sam and Tate. But, I will be honest that I didn’t like either one of them very much and for me, that is a big thing.  I need to like them and/or at least be able to relate to them and I did not with these characters, they felt a bit one dimensional to me.  

A big thank you to for my copy of this title. Have you heard about librofm?  Librofm allows you to support independent bookstores when you buy audiobooks.  They have several different plans.

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