Book reviews

Second Chance Supper Club


Did you ever read a book that just really hit home for you? Neither my husband nor I are particularly close to our siblings, we have tried, but it’s just the way it is. I can see how once parents are no longer in the picture, it’s really easy to lose touch with one another.

Ginny and Julia had a falling out after their parents’ death and they have not spoken in years. Julia is a broadcast journalist who says something online that forces her to leave her career and reevaluate things. With nowhere to turn, she goes to her sister, Ginny, who runs an underground foodie experience with her daughter, Olive. Ginny has her own issues and wants to turn her sister away, but instead, she puts her sister to work and as the two sisters work side by side, they get a second chance at their relationship.

This book felt personal to me because although I don’t see my brother as often as I would like (he’s busy with his life and I am with mine and we talk on the phone often, but we only get together maybe ever 6-8 weeks), there is something that happens when we are together, a commonness-things we have in common, things just flow and are easy and there is something so beautiful in that. My husband’s family is not close. Friends were always prioritized over family and as a result, my husband hardly speaks to either of his brothers. It’s taken me years to accept this (although I will never understand it). Even though they are not close and years can go by without seeing them, when we do see them, I do sense that there is a common thread, common stories, a joy in being together that they feel.

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