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Life Skills and Empowerment

Piper has walked dogs in our neighborhood for years and last year she cut grass for several neighbors. But this year, she decided that she was ready for something more.

Piper’s very most favorite place to go is a small cafe in a nearby town that serves juices, smoothies, salads and acai bowls. If I ask the girls if they want to go out for lunch, Piper always wants to go there. In April, she called the cafe that she loves and asked if they were hiring. They were! She created a resume and sent it to them, filled out the application and had a talking interview and a working interview and she got the job! She loves it! It’s such a positive place with such a good vibe that I could not be happier about her first job.

The owner of the cafe writes positive messages on a door in the cafe each week.

Since we homeschool, the girls have had the opportunity to take classes that interest them. Two years ago, they were interested in learning American Sign Language and took several classes at our community center school. They enjoyed it so much that they decided to expand their knowledge and take a class last semester at community college. One of the requirements of the class was to attend a deaf event. Both of my girls and a group of friends attended an event called Deaf Chat Linden and they liked it so much that they now go regularly.

Last week, Piper was at work and a woman came into the cafe. She signed the sign for “9” and then said, “Greek”. Piper realized that she was hearing impaired, so she stepped in and finger-spelled “Greek”. The woman was happy and excited and relieved. She was able to give her order in ASL and Piper was able to ask questions in ASL. Both Piper and this woman were empowered.

I could not be more proud of her.

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