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We Are Here Now

A year ago the idea of the girls working and going to community college overwhelmed all of us.  We liked our routine.  We liked our comfort zone.  We were happy with the life we had been living for the last few years and we didn’t really want it to change.  But we knew that in order for the girls to grow as people, it needed to change.  They started community college.  Allie got a job at a store in the mall.  They made new friends.  They did well in their classes.  The store Allie worked at closed at the end of March (yet another learning experience) and she found another job, this time at a day care center (which she LOVES!) and this lead to more friends, more new experiences.  A month ago, on a whim, Piper called her favorite cafe that serves smoothies and juices and Acai bowls and salads and inquired if they were hiring – and they were!  And she went through the interview process and she was hired.  She has had the best month working there and we have seen such a difference in her confidence.  They both got straight A’s this semester in community college.  I don’t mean to brag. But…

We are here now.  We are at the next step.

Piper is still not ready to get her learner’s permit.  And that’s ok.  Our pediatrician has advised us not to rush her and that seems like good advice.  That means that I will stay at the library longer and not look for a job with more hours until she can get herself to work and school on her own.  And I am ok with that.  I love my job and the people I work with.  Working with the general public can be trying at times, but since I only do it three days a week, it’s really not that bad.  It also means that I am getting a new car!  I was holding on to my beloved Prius so that Piper didn’t have to learn on something brand new, but since she is not ready to learn yet and my car is 8 years old, it’s time for something new.  I want a Honda Fit.  There are 13 people who work at the library and 6 of them have a Honda Fit; three others have Honda Civics (one has a Subaru, one a Toyota Camry, I have the Prius and one has a Chevy).  All the Honda owners are all really happy with their cars.  I want a hatchback and not a sedan, so the Fit it is!  We have been joking at work about what color I will get and parking them all together.  There is an orange, a yellow, a red, a blue, a black and a silver.  I am thinking about getting white.

My life looks so different now than it did a year ago and even more different than it did two or three years ago.  I was so worried about what I would do with myself once the girls no longer needed me for lessons and playdates, but my days are full.  I work three days a week.  I clean and cook and shop.  I read.  I talk to friends.  I meet friends to walk or get coffee or lunch or go antiquing.  I Bookstagram.  I go to book events.  I foster dogs.  I do yoga.  I meditate. I paint furniture.  I work on projects for my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary next month.  I plan trips for Jason and I to go on (now that the girls no longer want to travel with us).  My life is full.  

We are here now.

2 thoughts on “We Are Here Now”

  1. Oooh wow… You really are here. You sound so busy fabulous… Girls are like boomerang we think we want to go out in the world and we do too, but then we come back to our mothers.. Just a thought I had

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