Day One vs. Journey app

I have been using Day One to journal on a near daily basis for over a year now.  After a few months, I decided to spend the money to get the annual subscription, which allowed me to upload more than one photo per entry and journal across devices–so I could journal on my phone and it would show up on my computer.  The only thing I could not do was journal on another computer and sync it.

I LOVE the look of the Day One.  It’s clean and fresh.  The calendar is bold and show the dates you journaled.  You have the option of putting a title for each post which is in bold and when you look over the posts in order, you just see the titles and a few lines of each post.  The photos are also put in a calendar type style so you can see which photo(s) you took which day.  I challenged myself to take one photo a day – could be of anything but to find something visually interesting in my day every day, like the sun coming in my dining room window as I drank my Dandy Blend in the morning or my daughter wrapped up in a fluffy blanket.

What I don’t love about Day One is that I can’t journal from other computers and that it is downloaded on my computer as a file, so when I got a new laptop this year, I had to transfer the files over.  I did use The Cloud, but it was a hassle.

So, when the year was almost up, I started looking at different option and came across Journey.  From the website, Journey looked visually similar to Day One and instead of an annual for $24.99 (I subscribed when they were running a promotion for $19.99 a year), I could just pay $14.99 for the life of my computer.  I would have to pay an additional $4.99 to have the app on my iPhone.  But everything is also synced to my Google account, so if I get another computer, I can either just use Google and journal for free OR I can put the app on that computer and sync it and have everything on the new computer.

Journey also offers a free Cloud based version that allows you to journal, but not add photos or access the calendar.  They don’t post your location or the weather with the Cloud version.

I used the Cloud version for a couple of weeks and found that I liked being able to journal from work on breaks and add to my journal from my phone.  I decided to pay the $14.99 since I really wanted to be able to journal from anywhere and could not do that with DayOne, and a one time fee of $14.99 sounded better than $19.99 a year.

Journey has the maps, the posts, the photos and the calendar, but the presentation is not as sophisticated as Day One.  You can not view the calendar and photos at the same time, for instance.

They both have their pros and cons, but this is what I love about each:

Screen Shot 2018-11-03 at 8.52.11 PM

Day One is only available for Apple products.  Journey is available across platforms.  This is not a big deal to me, as I am an Apple user.  But for someone who uses Microsoft, Journey is a great option.  Or for someone who has a Macbook and an Android phone, Journey would be the better choice as they can sync between devices.

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