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Body Thrive by Cate Stillman

5/5 stars

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I just want to quote this entire book to you because it is honestly amazing!

This book starts with the question: How are you designing your body?

That gave me pause to think.  I have been trying to cultivate healthy habits for years but I never really considered designing my body.

The book then goes on to ask if you will survive or thrive.

The book then goes into the author’s background and how we can start small and open our minds to healthier habits as we age.  It was beautifully and inspirationally written.

Body Thrive is a set of 10 habits that Cate Stillman encourages us to cycle through 4 times a year.  Taking one week to form each habit.

The first habit is to eat dinner at least three hours before bed.  Then there are suggestions of how to do this, what to make, and how it affects our bodies.  The author gives examples from her personal Ayurveda practice and how her clients felt changing their dining habits affected them.

I found the entire book fascinating and my husband and I have made a plan to cycle through the 10 Habits.  We started November 1 when I read the first chapter and we ate dinner at least three hours before bed.  We found we slept better and felt better when we woke up in the morning, we had more energy when we first woke up and didn’t feel as groggy or foggy.

We have since worked through several more habits and found each of them to improve our daily lives and make our bodies feel better.  My husband and I both had a regular yoga practice prior to beginning this program.  I eat an entirely plant based diet, my husband is more of a flexitarian.  My husband meditates and does breathing exercises regularly, whereas I do not but I did start as a result of this program.

If you want to feel better and look better and be healthier, read this book!  It will change your life!!

I would like to thank Netgalley and Sounds True for my copy in exchange for me honest review.

To purchase this book: Amazon

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