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So Much Good Stuff

About nine years ago, I had a strong desire to homeschool my daughters and I didn’t know anyone who homeschooled at the time (which seems so weird now that many of my friends homeschool!), so I started reading homeschool blogs.  I wanted to comment and ask questions, so I started my own little blog about my family so that when I asked questions people could click the link and find out about me and see that I was not a crazy weirdo asking questions about their children!

Over the next several years, I chronicled our decision to homeschool (pulling my girls from public school seemed HUGE at the time and ended up being one of our best parenting decisions!!) through our experiences as a homeschool family.  At some point in their teen years, my girls asked me to stop posting about them.  They felt self-conscious, some of their friends looked at my blog and made comments to them, they didn’t want their pictures and any talk about what they were doing.  I honored and respected that and I abandoned my blog.  

But I have missed sharing my life in that way.  I do keep a journal.  I use Journey currently.  But some of the things that I write about, I would like to share.  I know that I have gleaned so much wisdom over the years from blogs. There have been many times where I felt like I was the only one going through something, and then stumbled on a blog where someone else was talking about a similar experience and I felt understood and less alone.  I think there is much benefit to blogging, for the blogger and the reader.

I have been thinking for some time that I wanted to start sharing more, but I kept thinking it has to be cohesive, I have to have a blog about one thing and not a lot of different things.  I have the voices in my head of people whose blogs I have read, who have opinions on what a blog should be and what is just wasting internet space.  I don’t want to waste internet space, but I do want to share more.  

So in the new year, I plan to change the name of my blog to So Much Good Stuff, because that is something that I say to myself all the time. I don’t know how or when it started, but for years now, when something good happens, I say, “Thanks, God.  So much good stuff!”  I want to share some of that stuff on here (or possibly on a self-hosted blog – I have wanted to do a self-hosted blog and learn about SEO and coding, etc. for years maybe now is the time to take the plunge!).

I will continue to write book reviews.  I will also share about life after having little kids – a year ago, I was distraught at the idea of my girls growing up and not being around as much and now I feel like this time is not so bad after all, in fact, it’s quite good.  I want to share about my eating disorder and healing from that and how I eat now and all of the things I have learned over the years about that.  I want to share about raising kids and our experiences homeschooling.  And who knows? Maybe I will share something that happens to me or my thoughts on current events or my experiences dealing with a certain kind of situation.  It may not even be ALL good stuff.  I hope there is some real life stuff in there too because I want to share the difficult things so that someone else may stumble on my blog and feel understood and less alone.

5 thoughts on “So Much Good Stuff”

  1. Nine years ago our little blogs brought us together and nine years later we have both moved in such similar directions. I’m looking forward to your blog makeover and I’m eager to see how you are thriving in this stage of our life. It sure is an adjustment.

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    1. It is an adjustment. Some days I am excited by it – to see where the girls go, what they do, the conversations we have now, the people they are now and are becoming. Other days I miss my little girls and Art Hub for Kids and science projects and Story of the World. But I am so glad that we have walked much of this journey together.


  2. Theresa, that’s really nice. I would love to know how you managed life and its decisions. I am finding life a bit difficult in the present moment, I am reading up a lot of blogs so that everything appears manageable… No idea if I sound sane now… But I am happy that your blog is going to be so much more. Awesome

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    1. Thank you so much, Shalini! You are making sense. Sometimes life really doesn’t seem manageable. Last night I was feeling bad because I’ve never had a big career and I don’t make a lot of money and I rely on my husband for all of that. I do hope to help people feel less alone.


      1. I think so too… I have lost a lot of things and people in this year, and it has really hurt me. Some days I find it difficult to live, hence just reading your work would inspire me and everyone. Most of us are in the same boat I think.. So keep doing what makes you happy. Would love to read all your posts


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