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Craft Beer Country by Kirk Richardson

3/5 stars

This book would make a great Christmas present for a guy who loves craft beer!

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My husband and I got into craft beer about 12 years ago when we were re-doing our basement.  Every Friday night, he would pick up a 6 pack of interesting beer and we would work all day on Saturday on the basement, looking forward to our beer at the end of the day.  The same thing on Sunday.  We tried hefeweizens, stouts, sours, Belgians, wit beer, pale ales and what became our favorite, india pale ale.

For years, several nights a week when we get home from work, we sit and talk over a beer before dinner. We’ve gone to breweries all over the country from Lagunitas in California to Saranac in Utica.  A few years ago, we did a Vermont Beer Tour- Vermont is home to many great beers!

So when I saw this book, I wanted to look at it and  don’t tell him, but my husband is getting a copy for Christmas because I think he will like it as well!!

My Review:

The breweries in this book mostly seem to be on the West Coast (or in Hawaii), but I loved the stories about the brewers and what goes into making beer. The author goes to different breweries and talks about his experience touring, tasting, talking to the brewer.  I came away from this book with a much greater appreciation for something that I already love and a lot more knowledge on it.

From the Publisher: 

1 thought on “Craft Beer Country by Kirk Richardson”

  1. I love when books incorporate recipes, restaurants, beer or wine. I feel the way you do for beer about wine. Greg and I have traveled to many local wineries and it’s something we hope to do when we are able to do some more travel just the two of us.


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