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Essential Oils for Mindfulness and Meditation by Heather Dawn Godfrey, PGCE, BSc


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Like many people, I got into essential oils a few years ago and I am still learning about them.  But I have experienced their power.  I have been having a bad day, in a bad mood and diffused Eden’s Garden Sunshine Spice and found that my mood improved and it turned my day around.  I have diffused Thieves or Fighting Five  when I felt a cold coming on and woke up completely fine the next morning.  I have used DiGize from Young Living (I will only ingest Young Living oils) when I had an upset stomach and it went away quickly.  My husband doesn’t like to use medicines, but he has allowed me to rub Thieves and oregano oil on his feet when sick and diffuse eucalyptus and balsam fir and found he felt much better.  So, we have become believers in essential oils.  I have thrown away my Yankee Candles and replaces them with diffusers and we diffuse whatever oils we think we need or that appeal to us.

I attempt to have a meditation practice.  Lately I have not been that great about it, but when I saw this book, I thought it might inspire me to starting practicing meditation again and it did!

I loved the chapter on Mindfulness.  I found it very informative and helpful in understanding what mindfulness is and how it helps us in our daily lives.  I also found the chapter on how our bodies absorb and utilize the essential oils to be fascinating.  I used some of the relaxation techniques.  I did, however, find the chapters on nutrition and food to be out of place in a meditation and mindfulness book.  I would have liked to see more practice techniques, maybe a section on practice techniques and essential oil blends for anxiety, for peace, for calming, for jet lag, etc.  I thought the presentation was too text-heavy and would have been better with more graphics and illustrations.

I found the chart about where essential oils are stored in the plant to be fascinating–this is information that I have not seen in any of the other essential oils books I have looked at or own.

I would like to thank Netgalley and Inner Traditions Healing Arts Press for my copy to review in exchange for my honest opinion.



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