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Beartown by Fredrick Backman

5/5 stars

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I read and LOVED A Man Called Ove, but somehow, I never read this one, however, once I started book blogging and bookstagramming, I saw so many excellent reviews of this book, that I was intrigued.  And, maybe it wasn’t the best decision, but in a moment of pure haste, I put a Netgalley request in for Us Against You and then decided I really should read Beartown first.  I actually had quite a few other books to read and this is a pretty big book, so I decided to get the audiobook from the library, figuring I could listen on my nightly walks or when weeding around my tomato plants.

I was super excited to get started and when my daughter was not feeling well, we decided to sit in my office in the dark and start listening.  We were both HOOKED!  We loved the background on all of the characters, although we had a hard time keeping them straight at first, but as the story progressed we were more and more able to remember who was who.  We found ourselves transported to a different place and we felt like we were part of what was going on…the factory hemorrhaging jobs, the hockey rivalry, the family life.

My daughter found herself relating to Ana and Maya, Amat, Kevin, Benji and Robby.  While I found myself identifying with Keira and Ramona.  David and Kira reminded me a lot of Coach Taylor and Tami Taylor.  Actually I was reminded of Friday Night Lights (one of my favorite shows EVER) a lot while we listened to this audiobook.

I appreciate how so many authors are using their medium to bring about awareness of social issues.  In Beartown, a character is raped.  “he touched her as if her body didn’t belong to her, but was something he had earned.  No one would ask about this, they would ask how much resistance she put up, if she was clear about saying no”.  She would be asked about the alcohol and the marijuana, she would never forget the terror that she felt.  Backman makes a statement about boys who are privileged, who have gotten a lot of what they want and believe they can have anything they want and girls who are made to feel that they are at fault for being violated even when the rapist’s finger prints are visible on their neck and wrists in a sign of force.  I hope everyone reading this book is more aware of rape, aware of how our society views rape and blames the victim and I hope the readers become passionate about changing this, about believing and victim and supporting them and not supporting this system.

I love Backman’s insightful way of writing about life.  Although this is a story about the trials of a small, working class rural town, it is also an observation of life…of families, of marriages, of teenagers, of love, of life, of what it really means to be on a team, of protecting those we love, of unrealized hopes and dreams.  This book dealt with teenage drug use, homosexuality, suicide, marriage issues, and aging wise role models.  I could find something of myself in every single character and it made me think about the shared human experience and how important books and art are so that we can see ourselves and know that we are not alone.


5 thoughts on “Beartown by Fredrick Backman”

  1. Glad you liked this! I haven’t read it yet, but it was the book for last month’s read at a local book shop.


  2. This is a really great review, I have seen this book popping up around the booknet for a while, but this is the best description I’ve read on it. Thanks!

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  3. What a fabulous review! This has been on my TBR forever, and I actually bought the audiobook and tried to listen to it…I got 10% before I stopped and decided to wait for a physical copy because all the characters were confusing me. Perhaps I was a bit premature and should give the audiobook another try since it seems it worked so well for you. Until your review I had no idea what the book was about besides hockey (which is why I chose to read it for my popsugar reading challenge prompt: A book about a sport). It sounds absolutely fascinating though and has so many social issues that need attention! I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Have you read Emily Giffin’s newest book, All We Ever Wanted? It was excellent and quite different than her usual fare…it addresses the social implications of teen sexual assault, social media, racial discrimination, class discrimination, abuse. I really recommend it…and if I can get my act together, I’ll have it reviewed this week! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Beartown! I’m excited to give it another go now! 😊

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    1. Yes! I did read Emily Giffin’s newest book and I thought the same thing. Actually, I plan to have my teenage daughter read it so we can discuss it!

      Yes, there is a lot to Beartown. It is so hard to figure out all the characters at first. We thought about making a sheet listing them all and who they were, but we never did. As you listen to the story, though, you can definitely keep them straight. 🙂


      1. That’s so great you’re going to have your daughter read it so you can discuss it. I’m glad you enjoyed that one too.

        I’m definitely going to try to listen to Beartown again. Sometimes I just get too distracted listening since I’m always doing something else when using an audiobook. I’ll have to be more careful going into this one! Thanks! 😊


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