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Palmistry: Your Personal Guide by Roberta Vernon


I have always been fascinated by palm reading.  I remember as a kid on the playground, we would look at each other’s hands and try to tell each other’s future.  Of course, we didn’t know what we were doing.  So when I saw this book available on Netgalley, I really wanted to check it out and was so happy when Wellfleet Press granted my wish!!

I appreciated the layout of this book.  There is a mix of illustrations, boxes, diagrams and text.  I found it interesting to identify both the shape and element style of my hands and learning what the radial and ulna sides of the hand are.  I found the idea behind busy and empty hands fascinating.  I found it interesting to learn about the mounts and different parts of the fingers.  There was information on finger shapes and fingerprints. I felt like I learned a lot about myself.  I will be honest, I had a hard time finding some of the lines on my own hands, but I don’t think that was the book, I think it is my hands.  And, indeed, the author states that not everyone has all the lines. I found this book fascinating, easy to read and understand and recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about reading palms.

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