Book reviews, New Age

Tarot Made Simple by Liz Dean

3.5/5 stars

FullSizeRender-5Several years ago, our family went to Salem, Massachusetts for a long weekend.  My older daughter was 15 or 16 at the time and she became fascinated with tarot cards.  My brother had them when we were younger, and I know that you were not supposed to buy them yourself, but they were supposed to be a gift.  So I bought her the tarot card set that a store clerk recommended.  She was excited buy them, but found the instructions and learning how to read the cards difficult.  Periodically, she gets them out and tries again.  Over the years, she has acquired several tarot books to help her learn to read the meaning behind the cards.  So, when I saw that Netgalley had a book called Tarot Made Simple, I requested it.

My daughter and I looked over the book together and used her deck to do several readings.  We thought this was an excellent book for someone just starting to read tarot.  The explanations were easy to read and understand.  The author went into details about how to care for cards, different kinds of readings, and encouraged journaling your readings.  I don’t think this is a book for someone very experienced with tarot, as it is very simplistic and doesn’t go into great detail about the meaning of each card. But, for someone just starting to read tarot, this book is perfect. I also think for the average user who doesn’t want to get really in-depth with this book, this book is great as it doesn’t get weighed down with deep analysis of things, but it keeps it simple and straightforward.  This would make an EXCELLENT gift for someone interested in learning tarot!



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